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        Sanhua Business

        • HAVC&R and Home Appliance
        • Automotive thermal management and control components
        • Finance and investment business

        HAVC&R and Home Appliance

        HAVC&R and Home Appliance is one of Sanhua’s major business. Related products are in residential HVAC, commercial HVAC, heat-pump water heater, refrigeration & transportation, home appliance etc.

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        Automotive thermal management and control components

        Since 1990s, Sanhua started business of thermal expansion valves, receiver/accumulator, and driers for automotive air conditioning system. Since 2006, Zhajiang Sanhua Automobile Components Co., Ltd were found. Today, Sanhua has established a fully functional, global coverage and potentially powerful complete system in automobile air conditioning components business.

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        Finance and investment business

        Sanhua finance and investment business include industry mergers fund, Pre-IPO and fixed income. Sanhua effectively develop industry investment and capital operation with the premise of risk control.

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        About Sanhua Holding Group

        Sanhua Holding Group has devoted itself to developing heat transfer and temperature control products, subsystems and solutions in the fields such as HAVC&R, home appliances and automotive thermal management. Our products involves residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, home appliance, automotive air conditioning and thermal management system solutions. Sanhua has set up production bases in Xinchang, Hangzhou, Wuhu, Poland, America and Mexico as well as R&D centers in Xinchang, Hangzhou, Austria and America.

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        Sanhua Staff

        Sanhua Soul

        Sanhua Culture

        Culture is the soul and gene for enterprise development.

        Sanhua has formed its style of “rapid response and immediate action” and spirits of “striving for perfection and pursuit of excellence” in practices.

        Sanhua Brand

        Our Partner

        ... are globally successful because consumers all over the world trust them.